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Why is the jamboree
so important
for the scouts?

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Our story

Jamboree is a scouting event with the longest tradition and has been held every 5 years since the foundation of the Association. Behind us are 12 successful and unforgettable jamborees across the entire territory of our country. The tradition started way back in 1958, in the city of Veles, and this time we are in the historic Krusevo for 10 days filled with adventure, camping, fun and education.

In this short period of time, young people get closer than ever, make new friendships and experiences. Jamboree cannot be described in words, it is experience. Click the following link if you want to see our previous jamboree

13th Jamboree – Reach the heights

The program of our 13th Јамборее is divided into 7 program areas that are educational and scout-adventurous, and at the same time attractive enough to keep the attention of children and young people.

These program areas offer the opportunity for everyone to experience scouting to the fullest and to reach their personal heights, which is actually our motto "Reach the Heights".

Organizational team

Lazar Apostolov
Chief scout

Vladimir Kostovski
Jamboree Manager

Viktor Petrushevski
Logistics and infrastructure

Darko Toshik

Elena Apostolova
Safe from harm

Ina Mihajloska Communication