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Who can participate?



The category of scouts includes all members of the scout team
movement at the age of 11-14 years. This category represents the backbone of the scouting movement because the members who belong to this
category are the most numerous. Scouts enjoy adventures such as rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and camping, and work in groups with young people to complete challenges. And in this jamboree, nothing less than that awaits them.


Explorers are scouts aged 15-17 who are active
members of the scouting organization. The very word explorers say that their program will be tasked with stimulating their curiosity and supporting and stimulating the search for what fulfills them and makes them happy. Together with the other researchers, through the jamboree program, they will have the opportunity to experience new adventures, going through challenges that will leave them with exceptional and unique experiences.


Volunteers – Scouts

Volunteers - scouts are a real engine in every jamboree. From the leadership to the program teams, all scouts involved are on a volunteer basis. A volunteer can be any scout over the age of 18 who does not have the role of a leader or leader of a contingent on the jamboree. Volunteers, according to their affinities, can be involved in the programming, logistics or organizational part. In addition to volunteer engagement, volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a separate volunteer program as part of the tour.


Volunteers from other organizations In order to provide a full experience for our participants, it is necessary to collaborate with external organizations. Each one of those organizations carries additional weight and an opportunity for our participants to acquire new and unique knowledge and skills. If you are part of an organization that implements super cool projects at the local/national level, works on interesting initiatives of interest to young people, creates modern tools, knows a super activity/workshop, we encourage you to contact us in order to establish a partnership

Experiences from previous Jamborees

The jamboree is everything we know about scouting – gathered in one place, at one event. It is really a great experience, for acquiring new skills, for meeting new friends from Macedonia and other countries, for teamwork, for independence. 14 years later, the jamboree evokes great memories and unforgettable moments.

- Angela Nikolovska, Scout river unit Jadran, participant on 10th jamboree, 2008, Mavrovo

"Volunteering experience like never before. An experience that made me a better scout and volunteer. The jamboree made me stronger, more patient, it taught me skills that I carry with me throughout my life – the review made me a better version of myself."

- Snezana Jankovic, First scout unit of Skopje, volunteer on 11th jamboree, 2013, Skrebatno

"Those ten days that I spent at the 12th jamboree were truly unforgettable. Even though I was older, I managed to have a great time for that last year of mine as a researcher and to this day I still have impressions from that point of view. A wonderful friendship and an unforgettable experience!"

- Eva Blazevska, Scout river unit Galeb, participant on 12th jamboree, 2018, Skrebatno

For 10 days you sleep with someone, share with someone, help so that later they help you, cook, play, laugh, cry, makes you happy - at the age of 16 I had the opportunity to experience all that, which made me a stronger, more resilient and more empathetic person. Unconsciously, you learn and prepare for what life brings you, through fun and a lot of friendship

- Petar Filipovski, Scout unit M.M. Brico, participant on 11th jamboree, 2013, Skrebatno

"For me, the jamboree was the first big scouting event I participated in. This jamboree was the beginning of our Scout Unit and I will always be fond of it. We were welcomed with a big hug by other units and scouts from Macedonia and other countries. Great memories and a great experience!”

- Darko Tosik, Scout unit Ekvinoks Skaut, volunteer on 12th jamboree, 2018, Skrebatno