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Krushevo is a city in the western part of Macedonia, in the bosom of Busheva Mountain. Krushevo lies on the western mountain edge of the Pelagoniska Valley, in the shallow valley part of the Krusevska River. This river divides the city into two parts: a larger one on the left and a smaller one on the right. The houses in the city are arranged amphitheatrical. Due to its specific morphology, Krushevo is considered a typical mountain town, which has an average altitude of 1350 meters, which is why it is considered the highest town on the Balkan Peninsula. It is 25 kilometers north of . Demir Hisar, 32 kilometers west of Prilep and 52.5 kilometers north of Bitola .

Rich history and landmarks

Krusevo is a unique city, not only because of its location and nature, but also because of its rich history and tradition.The town is synonymous with disobedience. which is evidenced by monuments, museums and memorial houses.


Meckin kamen

Monument Sliva

Krushevo Lake

Krushevo Lake is an artificial accumulation that was created in the sixties of the last century. It is located less than two kilometers from the town center and in the last few years it has become an increasingly attractive and visited destination. It is due to several factors that contribute to the visitation of this locality.

First, because the water is natural and clean and suitable for swimming. Secondly, due to the fact that Krusevo Lake is rich in many types of fish and has excellent conditions for the development of sport fishing. In the last ten years, the people of Krusevo have been investing in the development of this area.

The space around the lake is arranged with a pedestrian and bicycle path, barbecues, benches and lighting that offer the opportunity for recreational running and walking, cycling,picnic, as well as evening walks around the lake.

The space above the lake itself is also arranged for fans of sports and sports activities. A multi-purpose playground has been built in a great location, and there is also a fitness area nearby.

And in July, we scouts will make the most of what the lake has to offer. We will build rafts. We will learn to row and kayak. We will practice sport fishing. 

Unique architecture and Krusevо bazaar

The traditional architecture of Krusevo is known and famous as one of the most specific in Macedonia, and also in the Balkans.

The first thing that is specific and interesting and that is noticed at the very entrance to the city is the uniquely laid out terrain and the amphitheater layout of the houses, the narrow streets made of cobblestones (cubes) and of course – the old Kruсevo houses. The old bazaar has still preserved its traditional appearance with narrow intertwined streets, the square, small shops and one of the most significant architectural works - the church of St. Nikola, which is located in the heart of the bazaar.

Characteristic of Krusevo are the neighborhood fountains that were in every neighborhood, some of them still exist today. However, what is most attractive and interesting for the visitors of Krusevo are the old Krusevo houses built with a specific style that represented a combination of knowledge and culture. of the Vlachs and Miaks.

The very exterior of the houses, which is the first to be noticed, is characterized by the white facades, the roofs of which were mostly made of slabs, the large number of windows painted mostly with blue color, less often with other colors. The houses are surrounded by a yard that is fenced with a stone wall (avliya) on which is the entrance door (porta) which is made of wood. They are composed of one large gate or a combination of a larger and smaller gate. Other exterior elements that are characteristic of the Kruсево house are the balconies, with fences that are decoratively made of wrought iron and with a double-winged door with a rosette and two side windows.

The window grills are a must have. Krusево houses are not only interesting from the outside, but also from the inside, and at the same time they were thought to be functional as well. In the interior of the houses, wooden elements prevail, such as: musandri, dolapi, minder, and the stairs themselves in the interior are made of wood. Economic rooms where household goods are kept are usually located on the lower floors. On the upper floors, the veranda is a must, where you often sit and drink coffee, and the bedrooms and guest rooms are also located there.

Even today, many houses in Krusevo have preserved the unique architecture in which the blue color predominates. It is believed that the dominant blue color is a legacy of the Krusevo migrant workers in Greece. But in some homes the yellow color also prevails, which is believed to be a legacy of migrant workers in Romania. On some of them, a yellow color can be observed on one quarter of one side of the facade, which is another characteristic of the tradition of Kruševo houses. However, some houses, although they were built in the 19th century, changed their appearance somewhat later under the influence of migrant workers. The unique infrastructure testifies to the rich heritage of Krusev residents. There are only a few houses left with this unique appearance, but these homes are a symbol of Krushevo's heritage and the closeness that this town has to its history.

Tose Proeski's hometown

Todor - Toše Proeski (January 25, 1981 - October 16, 2007), although unfortunately he lived relatively short, his humanity and the work he left behind make him one of the most important citizens of Krusevo in general, as well as the most important ambassador of Krusevo and Macedonia in the world. The memorial house is located in the "Gumenje" area, and the eternal resting place of the legend is also nearby This is a building built in the most modern style, in the shape of a cross. Inside you can see many personal items and clothes of the singer, many photos from his concerts, texts that he personally wrote by hand, as well as two wax figures. All of that is complemented by the beautiful sounds of the songs that our Toshe created, songs through which he still lives among us all!

In the Todor Proeski memorial house, you can see objects that speak about the life of the famous Macedonian singer who died tragically in 2007, and was on his way to conquer the world through music.

Tose Proeski is a Balkan music star and the memorial house was built in his honor. He was an ambassador of Macedonia and a musical talent who could reach world fame.

The Memorial House was opened in April 2011 and has since been visited by more than 800,000 people.

In the memorial house, visitors can find his personal belongings, a representation of his room where he spent his free time, the books he read, etc. During the walk in the building, his timeless songs are constantly being broadcast, enriching the place.

120 years of Ilinden Uprising

In 2023, the 120th anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising, which took place in Krushevo, will be celebrated. This uprising is very significant for the Macedonian people. The success of the uprising resulted in the creation of the Krushev Republic, on whose values ​​Macedonian statehood is based.

In Krushevo, under the rays of fleeting freedom and equality, national hatreds melted and peace and brotherhood reigned between the three Christian municipalities. In the ten days, Krushevo lived as an autonomous, miniature town, but with the blood laid on this ideal... in the fight against tyranny and led it to Ilinden.

Guided by the ideals of our ancestors, we will build a 10-day scout republic. A republic in which equality, friendship and peace reign

Churches in Krushevo

There are four churches in Krushevo. In the past, their number was even greater, but they were more primitive, until the construction of modern buildings that began with the arrival of the most famous Balkan builders - the Mijats - in the city. The churches of Krushevo impress with their architecture, especially with the interior space. In the conception of these churches, the influences of the domestic tradition in the revival of the basilica form, as well as the modern tendencies of the romantic movements, are present, which is a characteristic of the buildings of this type throughout Macedonia.

  • Church of the Holy Trinity in Cheres Maalo
  • Vlach church in Krushevo
  • Church of the Holy Virgin, the oldest church in Krushevo
  • Saint Nicholas Church

Museums in Krusevo

Krusevo is one of the few cities with a very rich history. This is evidenced by many buildings that still exist today. There are a total of six museums and each of them has its own story about certain characters and events that happened in the past, which are significant in the creation of Krusevo as a town, and even in Macedonian.







Krusevo coria

Kruhevo Koria, which surrounds the city, is one of the main landmarks. The walks through the koria are especially pleasant in the summer months, when the temperature is higher. In the surroundings of the city, the beech forest is the most represented, there is also a lot of pine forest (black and white pine), and there is also an oak forest. In addition to these types of trees, there are also some indigenous species, such as: silver linden and large-leaved linden, black ash, chestnut, aspen, wild or goat willow, blue spruce and others.

Krushevo culinary specialties